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The CIA spent decades investigating drugs, chemicals and even poisons to use as hit drugs. Declassified documents show certain years the CIA spent 7% of its entire budget on these tests, conducting them under the codename MKULTRA.
The most common drug used to discredit someone is LSD because it causes serious hallucinations and delusions lasting about 7 or 8 hours. If a person is unwittingly dosed with LSD and he sees a psychiatrist, he may be diagnosed with a mental illness, when in reality this is called "an adverse reaction to a drug or medication" and it is not a mental illness. LSD may also land the person in a mental hospital for a few days, sometimes longer, but again, the person does not have a mental illness. In some cases, suicide can result, especially when a stronger version of LSD is used called DX (Drug X). 

When LSD first appeared in the 1960s, the reason a dose of LSD was called "a hit of LSD" was precisely because LSD was initially used as a hit drug to discredit a person. In the 1960s, many a peace activist was taken down with LSD. People such as activists, whistleblowers, reporters and investigators could become targets of LSD dosings if their work stepped on the toes of some corrupt group with the ability to do drug hits. 

   See also How to help counter and "ride out" an LSD dosing

Examples of people probably dosed with LSD, DX or strong hallucinogens;

* John Wheeler - Former White House official. 
Cameras show John Wheeler wandering around mentally disoriented. As to why Wheeler was dosed, we don't know. He could have spoken out against the wars being fomented in the Middle East, perhaps vehemently complaining that US troops would die and the national debt would soar. Or perhaps Wheeler was doing everything right at the Pentagon, but he was instead targeted by a Muslim group who listened in on his private phonecalls and heard Wheeler making derogatory comments about Islam. It is said President Obama had John Brennan tap the private phones of every general at the Pentagon, where voice-to-text computer software was used to look for key words such as Muslim and Islam. If the software detected a keyword then the entire phonecall was recorded and forwarded to a human Intelligence officer, most likely a Muslim CIA officer, who would physically listen to the entire recording of the phonecall. If he heard a general use the words Muslim or Islam in a derogatory manner, then that general's name would be immediately forwarded to President Obama who would fire him. The firings of over 200 high ranking US military officers by President Obama are documented in the video America : Obama is purging the U.S. Military by firing 200 Top Military Officers (Nov 14, 2013)

Muslim control over Washington
For decades, senior management at the White House has been appointing radical Muslims to key positions at the NSA, CIA and other Intel agencies. This began in the 1980s. When Bush Sr was vice president, Saudi Arabia and America developed very close Intelligence ties. America could provide the Saudis with advanced technology to conduct Intelligence gathering. In return, the Saudis provided senior US Intelligence officials with Swiss bank accounts containing $10 million. Since that time, the Saudis have consistently given huge bribes to influential people in Washington, resulting in the Saudis being literally given "the keys to the kingdom" in US Intel agencies like the CIA. Saudi Arabia promotes the very same radical Islamic ideology as ISIS. So it may well be, that the massive Saudi Muslim control over America's Intel agencies is why the Pentagon found it so hard to track ISIS, why advanced US weapons continuously "fell" into ISIS hands (often being mysteriously airdropped right next to ISIS camps), and why the US military was unable to stop ISIS from taking over large portions of the Middle East. It may well be, that the control over US Intelligence agencies by Saudi Arabia is so deep-rooted, to remove it might require some sort of a non-violent revolution in America, where a new Constitution is implemented which grants much greater protections for Americans while forbidding big foreign money from taking over the US govt.  Whatever the reason for Wheeler's death, it appears he was dosed with a strong hallucinogen. Cameras showed the poor soul hobbled around disoriented and was later found dead in a garbage dump.  video #1  -  video #2
* David Shayler - British Intel officer. 
David Shayler apparently claimed he was the messiah after being dosed with LSD, possibly DX. The delusions began when Shayler publicly blamed British Intel services for running Muslim terrorist groups. As for the delusions Shayler talked about in his interviews, these are exactly what someone daydreams about in an uncontrolled manner after being dosed with LSD. The key to countering or "riding out" an LSD dosing is to ignore the excessive daydreams, and most importantly, not to act on them. When the LSD wears off in 7 or 8 hours, the person must forget about the wild, nutty daydreams. Better yet, to laugh them off. This webpage shows how to counter or "ride out" an LSD dosing 
David Shayler before the LSD dosing
David Shayler after the LSD dosing

* Deborah Pawlfry - Washington DC Madam whose customers included Dick Cheney. 
Madam Pawlfry died just before she could testify in court. Suicide. Most likely DX. video

* Brandy Britton (aka Alexis) - Britton was a prostitute girl who worked with the DC Madam Deborah Pawlfry. 
Like Madam Pawlfry, it was said Brandy Britton could ruin certain high ranking politicians in Washington by publicly naming them, or worse yet, if she had photos or videos of these illicit encounters. Brandy Britton died just before she could testify. Suicide. Probably DX. article

* Karen Hudes - World bank lawyer turned whistleblower. 
Attorney Karen Hudes was giving excellent lectures and interviews on corruption at the World bank, then abruptly began talking about conehead aliens ruling the world. This delusion is commonly associated with being dosed with LSD or other hallucinogens. After several researchers said it looked like Karen was dosed with LSD, Karen wisely backtracked and started talking about real, sensible things again.  video

* Paul Robeson - Powerful black activist who promoted communism. 
LSD dosings and mental health treatment knocked him out of the activist movement. Stroke. It is said Paul Robeson was also dosed with DX. video

* Gary Webb - Pulitzer Prize winning author who claimed the CIA brought was bringing cocaine in to Los Angeles. 
Suicide. Probably DX. video

* Michael Ruppert - Former LA detective who became an anti-NWO author. 
Ruppert wrote articles exposing corruption engaged in by Donald Rumsfeld which forced Rumsfeld to resign. Like Gary Webb, Michael Ruppert showed the CIA was flying cocaine in to California. Suicide. Probably DX. video

* Danny Caselero - Investigating the Iran-Contra and BCCI banking corruption.
Suicide. Probably DX. video

* Chris Kyle - The famous American sniper who killed more Muslims than any other sniper. 
The hit may have been funded by a Muslim Intel agency, to protect Islam's image. Kyle was shot by a mental patient with poor morals who was probably dosed with LSD.  video

* Philip Marshall - Pilot and author who claimed he had proof the Saudis were behind 911. Suicide with homicide. 
The county sheriff may have been alerted a chemical weapon was used because he ordered Philip Marshall's house to be immediately cleaned. Probably DX. video

* Victor Thorn - suicide. 
Thorn authored numerous books and articles on Clinton corruption. Probably DX. video

* Shawn Lucas - Died mysteriously after serving a federal lawsuit against the Democratic National Convention. 
If Shawn was a mild drug user who perhaps used a little cocaine, someone could have spiked his cocaine with a large amount of fentanyl. If he didn't use drugs, then most likely someone dosed his drink with fentanyl. video

   See also How to help counter and "ride out" an LSD dosing

The CIA also did extensive research into chemicals that can cause fast moving cancer. One chemical is said to kill a person in 29 days. Why 29 days? A woman named Judyth Vary Baker helped conduct this CIA research during the 1960s. 

Examples of people likely dosed with cancer drugs are;

* Jack Ruby - Shot Lee Harvey Oswald, thus preventing Oswald from being interviewed about the JFK assassination. 
Cancer while held in prison. Ruby told people he was injected with a drug that causes cancer. article

* Aaron Russo - Powerful anti-NWO author and filmmaker. 
Ran for governor of Nevada. Cancer.  video

* Bill Hicks - Comedian who joked about peeing on Reagan, Bush, and Bush's wife. Cancer. 
The comedy sketch Bill Hicks did, which greatly offended powerful people, was at timing 37:25 in this video but was apparently removed. video


During the 1950s, 69s and 70s the CIA conducted an extensive research program into hit drugs and dangerous chemicals which went under the codename MKULTRA.  The agency discovered a drug that can cause heart attacks and would leave no trace. In the 1970s, the CIA developed an ice dart gun which could shoot any chemical into a person almost unnoticed, leaving just a tiny pin prick. This gun was basically an electrically powered blow gun or air gun. It fired a sharp icicle containing a chemical such as the heart attack inducing chemical. When the tiny ice dart entered the body, it would melt, thereby dosing the person with whatever dangerous chemical they loaded into the ice dart. The person hit with this dart gun would feel a little pin prick for a second, perhaps thinking it was a bug bite. 

Today, the agency has probably developed more advanced versions of the ice dart gun. Most likely they have a version built into a vehicle with a digital rangefinder and video display. Installed in a vehicle, this ice gun would probably be almost impossible to detect, even by the police. The vehicle-mounted version probably has a much longer barrel, and thus, greater range and accuracy. video

Examples of possible hits are;

* Andrew Breitbart - Writer whose articles attacked Obama. 
Breitbart specifically threatened to expose John Podesta. Heart attack. Witnesses say when Breitbart died, his whole face was bright red with a white band across his forehead. Breitbart personally challenged John Podesta as shown in this video.

* Michael Cormier - Coroner and forensic technician for Andrew Breitbart's body.
Cormier apparently died of arsenic poisoning shortly thereafter.  video

* Allan Francovich - Filmmaker. 
Allan Francovich made a serious documentary opposing the CIA called "Inside the CIA: On Company Business" (1982). Died of a heart attack after entering the George Bush Intercontinental airport on April 17, 1997.  video

* Senator Paul Wellstone - Powerful Democratic senator who might have been America's first Jewish president. 
Killed when his small plane crashed shortly after having an argument with Vice President Dick Cheney. video

* Michael Hastings - Author with Rolling Stone magazine whose writings got a top Intel general fired. 
Just before his death, Hastings said he would soon publish info to expose John Brennan, who later become CIA director. Michael Hastings car apparently had a bomb inserted next to the engine's motor mounts. It may have been taken over remotely to increase its speed.  video

* Randy Rhoads - Guitarist with Ozzy Osbourne. 
The plane crash may have been meant to kill Ozzy himself. Ozzy angered high ranking politicians in Texas like George Bush, when Ozzy got drunk and pissed on the most famous monument in Texas, The Alamo.  video

   See also How to help counter and "ride out" an LSD dosing

NOTE: It is said, after certain rock stars who held strong anti-war views died under suspicious circumstances in the 1970s and 80s, rock stars were then given the highest NSA security protection. Prior to meeting a rock star, the average person may get a more thorough background check than the local police can conduct. To protect rock stars, any phonecalls can be monitored, certain policemen can be removed or put on a case, with similar high level security changes being made. 

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