Good morals protect us

The most important thing to learn about harassment is 
that anyone who does the harassing actually 
harms his own situation more than anyone else 
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The way to counter serious harassment is to stick with good morals. Stay good yourself. By having real goodness, 100% honesty, and love for all people, we are pretty much immune to serious harassment, confusion and fear. With good morals, we are better able to investigate and help prosecute for an offense. We protect ourselves by staying good ourselves.

How Harassment Works

A harasser harms his own situation more than anyone else
If a person harasses or tries to harm someone, the person doing the harassing always harms his own situation more than the person he is trying to harass. Although the person being harassed may suffer some harm, it is the person who tries to do harm, who actually damages his own situation much more than anyone else. This is because he is the one doing it. The harassment is his. It is of him. It is not from me or you. The harassment is coming from him, so it is his. Not mine or yours. He is the one creating and pushing the harassment. Therefore, he is subject to it more than anyone else.

Staying good allows  you to accomplish much more
If a person doesn't harass or try to harm anyone, he will do fine in life and will have very little to worry about. It's basically like this with everything in life. As long as you stay good then you will do good, and good things will always happen in your life. If a person tries to harass or harm anyone, or acts tricky and deceptive, then the person doing it will confuse himself more than anyone else, because he is the one doing it.

Ignoring minor harassment
If a person receives minor harassment it's usually wise to just ignore it. If it's serious, however, then it may be better to notify the police. Even consider filing a lawsuit, but don't get back at the person. One reason is, if a victim tries to get back at a harasser, when the police come in to investigate, they will see two people harassing each other back and forth. So, the police may figure it's just two people arguing equally back and forth, harassing each other perhaps for fun, which means they may not investigate the case further or prosecute the harasser. This is why it's so important to never try to get back at anyone over the Internet. Federal criminal law doesn't allow anyone to retaliate against anyone else, no matter what the reason.

Federal law Title 18, Section 875 imposes 5 years in prison for making violent threats over the Internet

Visit The Protection Group website for more protective laws

Never be scared
Never be scared or confused if you see poor moral behavior. Most all harassment uses fear as part of its effect, often being the most important part of the harassment. If a person is basically immune to fear, he can more easily fend off the harassment and help investigate and prosecute it. If the harassment is minor, just ignore it and move away from it. Remember that a harasser harms his own situation because he is the one engaging in the immorality. Not you and not me. 

Even if a person is merely trying to confuse or scare someone, that individual will still be harming his own situation. His poor morals will hold him back, at least for a while. It is foolish to do anything back to anyone, since you then would be engaging in poor morals yourself too, and thus you will then harm your own situation to some degree. By maintaining your good morals you remain clean, and thus, far more powerful than anyone involved in harassing or having poor morals.

Never retaliate
One growing tactic used over Youtube, is for a harasser to make a clone page on someone. A clone page is basically a copy of the targeted person's real Youtube page. The harasser will use the person's photo and pretty much copy his entire page to create the clone page. The harasser then uses that clone page to go around making comments that are nasty and racist and hateful. The innocent person may then get blamed for statements made by the clone page. This can cause bystanders to falsely point at an innocent person as the culprit. What makes this offense subversive, is that innocent bystanders can blame an innocent person. The person to sue or be charged is the harasser who made the clone page in the first place, who went around impersonating the targeted person. 

Pushing around false information to obstruct a federal criminal investigation is a violation of Chapter 73 federal Obstruction laws. That federal law can send the perpetrator to federal prison for up to 20 years for trying to obstruct a case with false information.

Again, the way to handle minor Internet harassment like namecalling is to avoid and ignore it. If it's serious, such as serious defamation or threat to do bodily harm, then certainly report it and gather the evidence to file a federal lawsuit. If the harassment occurs over a large server like Youtube or Facebook, you might be able to sue those corporations for failing to provide adequate security. 

Some people make a mistake by thinking they should respond to harassment by themselves lying, mocking, being tricky and having poor morals. This is extremely foolish to do. First, if the offense is trivial then the person is wasting his time and energy. He is doing little more than getting involved in poor morals himself. Second, if the offense is serious, then when federal investigators come in and see the victim himself was harassing and lying to people too, they may drop the case entirely. Investigators will figure the victim is partaking in the harassment and is part of it. They might say "Oh, this is a case of two people arguing and fighting with each other, they are both at fault". This can result in no prosecutions against real perpetrators for real offenses. Additionally, if the victim has been lying and being tricky while trying to defend himself, the victim may have a very tough time suing. 

This is why the best rule of thumb in life is; Stay good yourself. That's where real strength and effectiveness comes from. Sticking with good morals is what keeps your mind clear. It's what makes fear and confusion disappear. Being good makes a person far stronger, happier, smarter, calmer, creative and more capable than anyone who tries to harass or harm people in any way.

Stick with your own goodness and love

* Always be 100% honest. Don't lie about anything. If a topic arises you would rather not comment on, either say nothing, or change the subject, but never lie. Lying creates weakness and confusion in the person who does the lying, who speaks the lies. Remember that all people are good deep down inside, and all people are equal under the law.

* Have love for all people (like the big Rock stars have). Don't hate anyone.

* Be completely non-violent and never do anything to harm anyone.

* Always do good things to help people.

Staying good like this will make it much harder for any external forms of 
harassment from coming into your life and causing serious problems. 

If a person engages in corruption, lying or any poor morals, this
will always inhibit the person's ability to accomplish things

Harassers become unable to do things properly
If someone intends to cause harm, or to denigrate or humiliate another person, the result is that the person doing it will become less able to do things properly. A harasser becomes more confused and frustrated because his own intentions are problematic. His poor morals are within him. He is not working with goodness, honesty, and love for all people. He is instead moving with nastiness and lies, all of which greatly impede his capabilities because he is the one doing it, not me or you. The immorality is his. It is not mine or yours. 

Lying harms the person making the lie
It's important to always be 100% honest, to never lie about anything. If a topic arises you cannot (or would rather not) comment on, we should either be honest, or say nothing. The 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution grants every person this right. A person being questioned can either tell the truth or refrain from speaking, but the Constitution does not allow someone to lie. If a lie is told in court, the penalty can be several years in prison. If a lie is told while business is being conducted, this is considered fraud and carries penalties which include heavy fines, repayment of money taken, and incarceration.

Immorality impedes the person who engages in the immorality
A harasser becomes especially unable to do complex computer work when he lies, attempts to harm others or tries to obstruct justice. His lies confuse himself more than anyone else. His intent to confuse or trick will interfere with his own love and goodness. It will impede clarity of thought, all of which is mandatory in order to do complicated hi tech work. He becomes much less able to fix computers, nor can a person with poor morals move with real creativity when it comes to writing good new music, creating good humor, designing and building and similar. People who are successful and accomplish things will generally avoid a person who harasses and starts trouble.

Derogatory comments
When a person makes other people look bad, this usually shows the person who was making the comment is having problems in his own life more than anything else, not the person it's being said about. Think about it, if a person is doing well in life, would he go around talking bad about other people? Certainly not. He wouldn't waste his time. People who make it a point to mock or put people down find it much harder to succeed when they work on a project in the way they could if they were just nice and had good manners. It's not that hard to be good. It's quite easy and natural

Many of us know a person who seems to always make it a point to mock on people and make talk about their shortfalls. Have you ever noticed that kind of person usually doesn't accomplish much in life?  It is the person who constantly makes derogatory comments about other people, who tries to denigrate other people, who usually has far more failures than the people he is putting down. This is different from someone who, for example, says "Joey broke his leg last week. I hope he is okay". This simple statement shows compassion by describing a problem with hope for goodness and healing. It doesn't mock on Joey. It offers good will and expresses a desire to see the person get better.

If you hear any person make a nasty comment or depraved remark about someone, feel sorry a little for the person who made that statement. Don't join in. That person is harming his own situation more than anything else. It's the person whose mouth the poor morals come from, who harms his own situation more than anyone else.

Lying harms the person who lies more than anyone else
If a person creates lies, he is basically saying "lies and deception are good and okay". Therefore, his own mind is much more likely to accept lies and untruths. What comes from a person is of that person. If a person who lies comes across deception in the future, because his own mind is already clouded with various lies he has told, he will find it harder to see what is factual and true in general. If a person creates lies, he has to tell himself lies are okay in order for him to be comfortable with lies. 

A person is always subject to whatever he does to someone else.  If a person lies, he confuses himself more than anyone else, and he will find it almost impossible to do complicated hi tech work. Immorality creates problems mostly for the person who engages in it.

When a person is honest in what he says and does in life, he can more easily see what is honest and true in the world. A person who is always trustworthy who has good intentions for other people will always do better and have fewer problems in life. His mind is calm, clear and carefree. 

Honesty and trust allows people to do much better in life, whether this be writing new music, running business, doing lawsuit work, creating good humor or anythng really. A person who lies a lot becomes unable to use computers and high technology well. Not only will a person who lies become unable to do many kinds of work, few people will want to associate with this type of person. Most people will avoid getting involved with anyone who lies, mocks on people or starts trouble.

Healing from the damage someone with poor morals does to himself
If a person has been lying or trying to harm others, he has been causing more damage to himself than anyone else. This is moral damage which makes it harder for him to accomplish things, to have good friendships, and to do well in life. It especially makes it harder for him to do hi tech work and even to use hi tech.  He can heal up, but to do so, he must immediately stop lying or harassing people, and he must get back into good morals. From when a person stops doing immoral things, it will take time for him to recover. The greater the immorality he was engaging in, the longer it will take for him to heal up, but he will always feel better immediately when he stops engaging in poor morals.

Example, if a person was doing a little mocking on people and lying once in a while, it might take him a few days, from when he stops, to heal up and get back into real goodness again. If, however, a person has been lying and trying to harm people for years, and he has started a lot of trouble in the past, it can take months and even yers for him to recover. Worse yet, if someone committed a violent crime, it can take decades for a violent criminal to recover from the harm he has done to himself. This is why a person should never commit a crime in the first place.

Lawsuits for Internet harassment

If an Internet harassment offense is serious, you may be able to get a lawyer to file a federal lawsuit. It's always better to have a lawyer handle your case, but because many lawyers do not handle Internet cases, you may have to act as your own attorney in the lawsuit. The Constitution allows you to act as your own attorney, and if you are low income you should be able to file the lawsuit for free.

If the lawsuit is complicated and you don't know if you can do it yourself, ask someone who has more experience to help you. Perhaps give them a percentage of your lawsuit.  A fair contract for helping someone subjected to serious harassment would be 20% of the lawsuit money. The person helping is called a legal secretary. 

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