You need two separate computers for 100% privacy

Make one computer completely private by never hooking it up to the Internet

Building a 100% Private Computer system
In today's world of downloadable content, apps that auto install, online games with ads, and hacking that rarely gets prosecuted, we are finding more computer users want 100% privacy rather than just "better anti-spyware software" which can be headaches to keep reinstalling, paying for and maintaining.

For real privacy, you need two computers; an Online computer and an Offline computer

Make one computer your Online computer
Use this computer for the Internet, but don't use this computer for your important work. Use this computer to just do emails, visit webpages and similar mundane tasks.
Make your second computer your Offline computer
Use an Offline computer to do your real important work that you want to keep private. This can be anything from lawsuit work, making videos, recording music, working on patents, etc. Never hook this computer up to the Internet. Either disable the ethernet port, or put a wad of chewing gum in the port so you can never plug an ethernet cable into it. Disable the WiFi by either switching it off, or physically unplugging the WiFi card.

Newer laptops may have the WiFi built in, with perhaps no WiFi card to even unplug. If you are not sure your laptop has a WIFI or not, you may be better off not using a laptop as your Offline computer. Instead use a good desktop computer as your Offline computer, and make sure you buy one that doesn't have the WiFi built in that is always on. Use your Offline computer to do anything you want to keep private (lawsuit work, business, etc), at least until you want to make it public. When your work is ready, simply carry the files over to your online computer using a USB drive, and upload the files to your Online computer, then upload them onto the Internet.

Never connect these two computers together
(never connect your Online computer to your Offline computer)

Carry any files between these two computers using a small USB drive. For example, you download a lawsuit to examine from the Internet using your Online computer. Copy those lawsuit files from our Online computer onto a 4gb flash drive. You then physically unplug the flash drive from your Online computer, then plug the flash drive into your Offline computer. Copy the lawsuit files from the flash drive onto your Offline computer and continue your work in private. Breaches in privacy are now so common that if you work on a lawsuit against a big globalist corporation, there's a good chance they are looking at all your lawsuit work, even before you file it, because you are not using on Offline computer.
This basically gives your work 100% privacy

Brightly colored duct tape
Now that you have two computers you will be using, all these cables can get confusing. To counter this, use duct tape to make labels for the cables. Brightly colored duct tape is the best to use. Cut a piece about 4" long, then slowly wrap it onto the end of a cable. Place the tape from 3" to 8" from the end.

Once attached, use a thin black magic marker to write "what that cable is" on the tape ayyached to each cable. For a printer cable you write "Printer". If you have more than one printer, as you should, you write "Printer #1" and "Printer #2" on the other printer cable. Do the same thing with the mouse cables and all other cables and cords you plug into your computers.

If your work is important, make backup saves of your work regularly onto two or three different devices. Always have Backup equipment (such as a backup drive and two USB drives).

Operational notes; Once you set up both your online comp and the offline comp, remember to never hook up any cables connecting those two computers together.  Always keep your two computers completely separate from each other. Use only a USB flash drive to carry files between the two computers, and never connect your Offline computer to the Internet (remember to unplug any WiFi cards inside the Offline computer).

Absolutely never plug the ethernet cable into your offline computer. It's best to disable the Ethernet card physically, or stick a wad of chewing gum into the ethernet jack on the rear of your offline computer. Remember that a lot of laptop computers have WiFi built in, which may be very hard to disable. To insure 100% privacy and to keep it free from snooping or viruses, you need to physically disconnect the WiFi from your Offline computer. Therefore, it may be wiser to buy a desktop computer that has a WiFi card in it, which you can physically remove, instead of buying a laptop which may have WiFi built in to the motherboard.

Reminder; If you want 100% privacy, be careful about using any laptop, notebook, tablet or any electronic device that uses wireless because many now come with WiFi built in, where it's hard to disconnect the wireless aspect of it. Most desktop computers are not like this, so they are safer in this regard.

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