How to help counter and "ride out" an LSD dosing

We use the term “LSD” here to include the effects of all hallucinogen drugs like LSD, meth, DX, benzos, ritalin, strong marijuana, etc. 

* LSD causes a person to daydream excessively for about 8 hours. During this time, incredibly wild and preposterous thoughts will run through the person's mind. Ignore the daydreams and stick with love and kindness. Don't react to any of the daydreams. Always be non violent. The best way to counter a dosing is do like the peace activists of the 1960s, when they partied with LSD. Stick with peace, non violence, and love for all people. 

* Because LSD makes a person daydream much more than usual, remember that if you speak about these daydreams, it's probably going to sound very strange, so it's best to ignore them entirely. Most importantly is never act on any of the daydreams

* LSD can cause paranoia, where the person may worry about little things. Always be calm and don't worry. Don't falsely accuse anyone. Stick with goodness, peace and love. Don't hate anyone. 

* Remember that all people are equal under the law, and all people are good. Peace and love for all people. 

* Rest up and don't do much for several days. Be completely non violent. Avoid watching violence on TV. Stay loving and kind. You might need a week or so to take off work to relax. Don't drive any motor vehicles. 

*  The drug called lithium carbonate can help a person regain needed sleep. Always consult your doctor.

* Avoid any arguments, debates or difficult work. Don't react to anything in a competitive manner like in a football game where you move fast or react quickly. Always move slowly with goodness and non violence. Stick with calmness, cooperation, peace and love. Don't react to anything or fight about anything. Focus on forgiveness and niceness. 

* Remember that LSD only lasts about 8 hours, so just ride it out and you will be fine when you come down off it. Other drugs last different lengths of time. Strong marijuana can last 4 or 5 hours. DX lasts 3 or 4 days, sometimes a week or two. Withdrawal from a benzo like Xanax has fewer delusions but makes the body feel incredibly awful. Benzo withdrawal can last for a year or two, which is why many groups are trying to get benzos taken off the market. 

* The hallucinations caused by LSD and DX can make the person daydream thinking he is the greatest person on earth, or the worst person like the devil, or that he is dead and is now a ghost, or any other outlandish delusion. Again, the person must ignore these wild daydrams and stick with love and kindness. Stay law abiding and remember that all people are equal under the law, including you, and remember all people are good deep down inside, including you.  Incredibly intricate daydreams which are exaggerated and completely crazy may run through a person's mind. Always ignore any daydreams and stick with love and kindness. 

* Stay calm and stick with goodness and love for all people. The most common hit drug used is LSD, which lasts about 8 hours. Rest up and sleep it off. When a person comes down off LSD, it's very important to forget about all the nutty daydreams. The reason some people wind up in mental hospitals after taking LSD is because they've latched onto some of the preposterous thoughts that ran through their mind while on LSD, and they keep thinking those thoughts are true.  What helps immensely is for the person to be able to laugh about the daydreams afterwards, to know the daydreams were all fake and laugh them off completely. If the person said or did anything really nutty while on LSD, he should go back to the people involved and apologize, to explain he was on drugs at the time. He is still responsible for anything he did,  and he is still held accountable like everyone else, but it helps if he explains what contributed to his poor judgement at the time. It is wise for the person to explain he was having "an adverse reaction to a drug", and not a mental illness..

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This page shows examples of people probably dosed with LSD, DX or a very strong hallucinogen

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